My racing track - Racetrack Buildings


With the exception of a Carrera  grandstand all my buildings are built from photo cardboard . More information at tips and tricks. All beginners I can recommended the following websites:  and Inspired by these pages I started to build my own buildings. The results in form of grandstands, a pit lane, a Control Tower inc.VIP area, a lounge, a media center, commentators cabins, a winner podium and a score board you can see here. Lounge

Racetrack building
Rennbahngebäude Lounge
Building scale 1:32
Carrera Racetrack building
Racetrack building Carrera

Control Tower incl.VIP - Area

Slotcar Scenery Building
Homemade slotcar buildings
Homemade racetrack buildings
Homemade buildings scale 1:32
Racetrack scenery

Pit Lane

Homemade pitstop scale 1:32
paper craft building
Racetrack pitlane
Hedge scale 1:32
Racetrack figures

Commentators - Cabins

Racetrack commentator cabins
Racetrack commentator cabins scale 1:32
Slotracing scenery
Slotracing scenery scale 1:32


Racetrack grandstand
Racetrack grandstand scale 1:32
Scenery Building Grandstand
Homemade Grandstand

Carrera grandstand

Media - Center

Slotcar media center
Homemade media center
Media center scale 1:32
Carrera buildings


Scoreboard scale 1:32
Racetrack scoreboard

Winners - Podium

Racetrack winners podium
winners podium scale 1:32